Uber Eats

Current Promotions:

$30 Off Your First Order for New Uber Eats Customers / New Uber Customers

Step 1:

$10 Off First Order for new Uber Eats Customers using the promo code:  eats-daniell519

Note you enter the Uber Eats promo code “eats-daniell519” in the Uber Eats App on your smart phone. Here is a link to

Step 2:

$20 Off First Order/Ride for new Uber Customers using the promo code: daniell519

Note you enter the Uber promo code “daniell519” in the Uber App on your smart phone. There are two distinctly different apps you need to enter each promotional code into.

Here is a link to download the Uber App from the App store.

Step 3:

If you have not use either of the services before, you can get a total of $30 off your first order. Go back to the Uber Eats App on your smart phone, and then order away. You will see $10 off listed as a promotion at the time of check out, and then see the additional $20 taken off when your order processes.

Here is a link to download the Uber Eats App from the app store.

Promotional Add-ons:

The Uber Referral Code and Uber Eats Referral Code can be used for as many phone numbers / Uber accounts you have, so if you and your significant other can each use these codes to get the promotion multiple times. Uber confirms your phone number and does not allow the use of Google Voice phone numbers.

Depending on the time of year and day of the week, there are additional promotions Uber Eats run such as discount delivery fees and discounted menu items for designated restaurants.

For certain events, Uber Eats has even run promotions for extremely discounted menu items such as $1 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo and weekly specials for Monday Night Football with their “Gameday Deals”.

Delivery Fee(s):

Uber Eats has a delivery fee of $3.99, making it the most affordable food delivery option. In addition, there are no service fees, and like other Uber service, there is no tipping.

Uber Eats will run deals from time to time with reduced/no delivery and service fees depending on the promotion. Make sure to sign up for my mailing list so you know when there are reduced fees in your area.


Uber Eats has a huge selection of restaurants and venues to choose from. Depending on how long they have been in your area, you can see anywhere from a few restaurants to hundreds.

Uber Eats is hands down the cheapest option when it comes to food delivery. With a $3.99 delivery fee, that is frequently discounted, you are essentially covering the cost of gas if you had driven there yourself.

The Uber Eats app is one of the best apps available in the food delivery industry. You are able to search any menu item using their recently updated user interface, and enjoy the variety of cuisine your area has to offer. The app also lets you track the exact location of your Uber driver, and provides real time updates on when the restaurant confirms your order, when the Uber drive picks up the food, and when they are arriving.

Similar to Uber Rides, Uber Eats has limited communication when it comes to customer service. There is no phone number to call or anybody to bitch out, other than the ability to send an email about your experience. With my previous orders that were not correct or un-edible at the time of arrival, Uber Eats has a generic email response system. Unlike other competitors that will just refund you, Uber Eats requires you to go back and forth before you are able to get any resolution, if they do anything at all. Again they are Uber and are looking to conquer the world by being cheap, so you have limited room to complain as a consumer.

Uber Eats does not provide “door delivery’, but instead provides “curbside delivery”. Therefore, you will need to meet the Uber driver outside, and should not expect them to knock on your door.

Uber Eats has hands down the worst drivers of any of the food delivery services. The drivers are typically in cars that do not qualify them to drive as regular Uber driver transporting passengers. Consequently, the drivers typically get lost more often than the other services, do not verify your order for accuracy, and to be honest don’t give a shit about you other than completing your order. I have had countless drivers who took 2-3 times longer than the estimated duration, resulting in the food becoming soggy and room temperature. Compile that with numerous drivers who don’t even taken the courtesy to make sure your food is upright, resulting in everything being jacked up and dripping out of the bag by the time it arrives. But hey, there is no 16% service fee and tip required, so what do can you expect?

Uber Eats has indicated to their restaurants that Uber Eats have a level of exclusivity for food delivery. Therefore, competitors such as Door Dash, Grubhub, and Favor can’t work with those restaurants. Like everything else in this world, my opinion is that if you don’t allow competition to take place, the cream does not rise to the top, and the consume will not get the best service/product possible. To be honest, this show by some of the lack of fucks given by Uber Eats drivers, but again it is cheap.

Like all food delivery companies, I like to mention the importance of thinking about what your ordering and that is will most likely sit for at least 5 minutes, and then travel for an additional 5-15 minutes depending on where you are located. Therefore, I recommend people steer away from foods that contain breading (fried) or on a bun, as these are the most likely to get soggy and not taste fresh upon arrival.

I would also recommend that you always note to put dressing and fixings for salads on the side, so the contents to not get soggy and lose their crisp/fresh taste. (unless you prefer soggy lettuce)