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DoorDash is leading the way in food delivery to your front door. At the click of an app on your phone, food will appear at your door within an hour, not to mention if you use a Doordash referral code with the Doordash referral link below, you will get an additional $15 off your first Doordash order.

Whether it is the Cheesecake Factory 20 minutes away or Chick-Fil-A down the street, DoorDash food delivery has developed a process leveraging technology with a focus on quality and service, ensuring a solid food delivery experience, not to mention a solid Doordash promo code and Doordash referral code program

Doordash is available around the country and provides a great customer experience, especially when you stack Doordash promo codes and doordash referral code links that can used throughout the United States in all areas where door dash provide food delivery services.

Doordash Referral Code Promotional Add-ons:

The DoorDash Referral Code Link can be used for as many phone numbers you have so if you and your significant other can each use this code to get the promotion. DoorDash confirms your phone number and does not allow the use of Google Voice phone numbers.

Depending on the time of year and day of the week, there are additional DoorDash Referral Codes and DoorDash Coupon Codes that you can enter in to get an additional $5-$7 off your order on top of the $15 referral bonus.

Doordash Delivery Fee(s):

DoorDash has a delivery fee that ranges between $2.99 – $5.99 depending on the restaurant. As the food delivery industry has become more competitive, restaurants are going away from charging the customer for the delivery. If you are user a referral code for Doordash, you can save big on your first Doordash delivery.

DoorDash also charges a service fee between 0-16% of the total amount of your Doordash food delivery order depending on the discretion of the restaurant as well.

In addition to the delivery and service fee, you will also be responsible for paying the tax, and tipping the DoorDash delivery “Dasher” if you feel fit. I typically go with the standard 15% when ordering.

DoorDash will run deals from time to time with reduced/no delivery and service fees depending on the promotion. Make sure to sign up for my mailing list so you know when there are reduced fees in your area.

Doordash Delivery Pros:

DoorDash has the biggest selection in most markets when compared to other food deliver companies. In my area of Houston, there are literally hundreds of restaurants that I can choose from and have delivered in less than an hour.

DoorDash has amazing customer service. Whenever an order has to be modified or the restaurant is unable to fulfill (too busy, out of the item you ordered, etc.) they call and let you your order needs to be modified. This typically is either a substitution or you are refunded for the cost of the item.

The quality of the delivery “Dashers” has gone up tremendously, where the drivers will arrive at my apartment on time and not get lost like some of their competitors.

DoorDash has a process in place for dashers to place notes about a delivery, and ensure that all future deliveries are smooth and the dasher does not get lost. Living in a large apartment complex in Houston, this has saved me numerous trips wondering outside to find the driver.

Doordash Delivery Cons:

DoorDash food delivery can be fairly expensive depending on what you order and from which restaurant. Thus why you need a Doordash referral code to help you save on your first doordash delivery. With a standard delivery fee of $5.99, 16% service fee, and tip, you can be looking at close to $15-$20 to just have your food delivered. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the current promotions so you can minimize this cost.

The DoorDash review system of restaurants is not accurate based on my experiences with 100+ deliveries in the Houston area. In one instance, I ordered a gyro from a restaurant they rated with a 10/10, which ended up being a piece of stale bread and dry meat made soggy with some nasty sauce. However, the Palm Steakhouse was rated as a 7/10, and was by far the best food I have ever had delivered. Obviously there is a huge price different, but nonetheless my point is to not trust their reviews, and use a resource such as Yelp to help guide you on the quality of the food.

Like all food delivery companies, I like to mention the importance of thinking about what your ordering and that is will most likely sit for at least 5 minutes, and then travel for an additional 5-15 minutes depending on where you are located. Therefore, I recommend people steer away from foods that contain breading (fried) or on a bun, as these are the most likely to get soggy and not taste fresh upon arrival.

I would also recommend that you always note to put dressing and fixings for salads on the side, so the contents to not get soggy and lose their crisp/fresh taste. (unless you prefer soggy lettuce). Make sure to use a doordash referral code today to save big on food delivered with Doordash!

Mobile App:

DoorDash has a great mobile app, that I recommend everyone check out.

Here is a link to download the DoorDash mobile app from the Apple app store.

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