Bring it on McDonald’s McVegan.

Yeah, I said it, bring it on McVegan.

McDonalds has currently only launched the McDonald’s in Finnland, and until November, but McDonald’s is taking the first step in the fast food industry to provide a dedicated vegan option.

Here are the details, the McVegan consists of a soy-based patty, tomato, pickles, salad, and most encouragingly, the McFeast sauce. It sounds pretty Mctasty.

For anyone that isn’t familiar, McDonald’s is notoriously not vegan friendly (even the fries are dripping with a little bit of cruelty). Prior to the McVegan, all any good vegan has been able to do is the oatmeal without cream and a measly side of apple wedges.

Imagine, vegans might actually be able to enjoy some cruelty free bites of bliss via the McVegan. Mmmmm… I truly wanna try the McVegan.

But of course, there will always be the haters.

You know the SUPER VEGANS, the ones that suck sometimes, the self-righteous types that wouldn’t try the McVegan if you put a new stove in just for them and their vegan food.

McDonald’s finally wised up to the vegan market by offering up the McVegan for just a limited time, and what does the vegan community do?

Of course they comment about all the gluttonous and greedy choices McDonald’s has made in all of the years McDonald’s has been in existence.

Okay, thanks SUPER VEGANS, way to be open-minded.

I get it, but I’m SO still gonna try the McVegan.

But really vegans, let us retract our claws. Give the clown a break.

The McVegan represents progress for the vegan cause.

Let’s give it a try.